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19 Years serving locals

Dar Elsalam Islamic Center, aims to be the focal point for the surrounding Muslim community, in order to enhance understanding and acceptance of Islam. Our mission is to encourage people of all ages and ethnic groups to learn and develop their knowledge of Islam, and to bridge the gap between the surrounding communities. We are committed to disseminating the teachings of Islam on the fundamental truth that Allah (swt) is the source of all guidance, and we pray that our endeavors are accepted. We strive to enhance and cultivate our identity in the community, taking into account the cultural diversity in the DFW area. We seek to improve and develop the skills and well being of our members and the wider community through our initiatives and programs, including by: Promoting progressive values and teachings of Islam and advocating inter-faith dialogue and exchange in accordance with the Qur’an and Sunnah. Engaging in respectful conduct, support and dialogue with all members of our surrounding community. Establishing congregational prayers and carrying out other religious activities and educational programs open to all. Practicing moderation, tolerance, inclusiveness to create unity among Muslims. Developing mutual understanding with and among non-Muslims in order to communicate effectively the principles of Islam to them. We welcome you to reach out to learn more about us and our community, including by contacting Imam Dr. Ahmed Al-Hadad or any of our Board members.

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